Project Development

Our capabilities and wide-reaching experience drive project success and help mitigate against obstacles and financial pitfalls throughout the lifetime of any project.

Experienced Leadership

Our emphasis is on quality project leadership who are experienced in the highest professional practices, with a proven track record in bringing projects to successful completion.

    We develop a wide range of projects including:

  • Commercial – hotels, office buildings, shopping complexes
  • Residential – condominiums, housing complexes
  • Industrial – power plants, mineral processing facilities, petrochemical facilities
  • Infrastructure – roads, bridges, pipelines

Full Life Cycle Development

As a developer, we combine in-house engineering and construction management expertise with our financial capabilities to:

  • Identify and evaluate key business opportunities
  • Explore every opportunity with the relevant financial and technical framework
  • Assess investment suitability
  • Develop financing options
  • Manage and execute an optimised roadmap to project completion, ensuring investment goals are met

Dag Hammarskjold Tower, New York, USA