We understand the significant differences between managing a single project and the complexities and challenges of coordinating and controlling something on a mega scale.

    The scope of megaprojects typically involves:

  • Size – typically USD 1 billion or more
  • Complexity – involving multiple design firms and construction contractors
  • Duration – five years or more
  • Organisation – delivered by a large team with significant owner involvement

Beautification of Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The complexities of megaprojects demand attention to detail and require the need for major sub-projects to run simultaneously for successful, timely delivery. That is why we have developed our own specialist process of Programme Management.

It Comes Down to Experience

Our Programme Managers draw on their own and SDC’s diverse knowledge base to handle each project element. Their experience is outstandingly broad and covers city planning, infrastructure, marketing and sales, financing, environmental impact, public services and the demands of local government.

Communication is Key

We brief the owner on progress and costs throughout the project journey. The ‘command centre’ of every megaproject maintains a briefing room tasked with collating key data on a daily basis. Analysis and precise project status is displayed around the clock giving all involved a complete overview of every sub-project underway.