Architecture Design

Our experienced Architects can balance quality design and time constraints with cost-effective construction. Applying our extensive expertise we move from concept design to construction both seamlessly and efficiently.

Working Together

Concept designs are developed in close partnership with project owners. Then, with concepts approved, our team assign specialist structural and mechanical engineers and other required consultants to develop and document every feature of the design. We treat every project as unique: final construction documents are tailored and optimised to fit however the project is to be tendered, negotiated or built.

Taking into account local customs and processes, we typically select local firms to fulfil construction tasks. Our expertise is then applied on-site during the construction phase, as we lead the inspection and quality control teams.

Globally Aware

With extensive operational experience across Africa, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, South East Asia and China, we respect cultural variation and can deliver complex projects in varied locations. Our Architects are international and skilled at handling contrasting delivery methods.